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About the Author, Paul L. Petzrick

Paul L. Petzrick was born in 1980 in Fort Bragg, NC. He grew up all over the country (California, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, and Virginia) and also lived in Frankfurt, Germany, during the Cold War (ask your parents). Petzrick began illustrating at an extremely young age, obsessively drawing sharks on every sheet of paper he could find. His first publication was "Bob's Quest," an episodic cartoon for the high school newspaper. Petzrick went on to work on a vast assortment of projects, from official government videos to custom birthday cards. He strives to improve his abilites and further hone his skills.

Seeking adventure, Petzrick explores the great unknown. An Eagle Scout, Petzrick enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps in 1999 and was deployed to Iraq in 2003. Petzrick returned safely to find new adventures waiting for him. He thinks of the war as a gift, giving him a strong appreciation for every single day.

Perhaps one of his greatest adventures began in 2007, when Petzrick began his journey with the Adorable Horribles. With imagination and determination, he has carefully cataloged (in alphabetical order) the many different creatures of that strange and wonderful place. Not shy to danger, Petzrick defied all odds and returned home to create The Adorable Horribles!

Paul Petzrick Rides Again!

Paul L. Petzrick
Paul L. Petzrick


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