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Mediums of The Adorable Horribles

Paul L. Petzrick created the illustrations for The Adorable Horribles using many different mediums. To create the creature designs, Petzrick started with pencil on Bristol board (smooth) and then inked the sketch with India ink by using a traditional quill. The coloring, shading, and highlighting was then added with Photoshop.

To complete the illustrations, Petzrick had to create unique backgrounds and layouts for every creature and page in the book. For this, a wide variety of common and uncommon objects and textures were used. These include Acrylic paint (using an assortment of brush sizes and shapes), graphite, glass, vicariously splattered ink spots, dish detergent, Brillo pads, Q-Tips, leaves, altered photographs, a vast spectrum of colored pencils, and unrelenting imagination.

Petzrick takes pride in acknowledging the artistic influences that encouraged his artwork. His biggest influences are Ralph Steadman, J. Scott Campbell, H.R. Giger, and most of all, his godmother, Darlene Ommen.



Brillo Pad

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